Melbourne based multidisciplinary graphic designer. I specialize in crafting unique illustrations and brand identities. 

My current work focuses on using graphic design as a force for change in the community to promote health information access for women and LGTBQ+ people.

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︎ UI Design
︎ Web Design
︎ Icon Design

DaVinci Resolve, the ultimate video editing software, delivers color grading, correction, visual effects, and audio post-production magic on macOS, Windows, and Linux. Crafted by Blackmagic Design, it underwent a major 2021 upgrade with 100+ features and 200+ enhancements, necessitating a fresh web experience. The momentum continued in 2022 with DaVinci Resolve 18's release. 

In this project, I collaborated closely with a diverse team comprising software engineers, 3D artists, photo retouchers, marketing experts, and designers. Together, we crafted a dynamic wireframe catering to English-speaking users and 13 other languages, including Japanese, Chinese, Portuguese, Russian, Polish, Spanish, and German.

Company: Blackmagic Design
Melbourne, Australia 

Poster Design

︎ Branding
︎ Art Direction

Since moving to Australia, I’ve been collaborating with musicians and artists from the local scene as well as Latin America. These are some posters and merch I have worked on for recent gigs and events.

One of my career highlights was designing the cover for the Hit La Rosa - Tiny Desk (Home) Concert

Freelance and Personal Projects
Melbourne, Australia

Red Magic

︎ Editorial Design
︎ Art Direction
︎ Illustration

Red Magic - Magia Roja, is an editorial project on the topic of menstruation. This small-publication was published in 2023 for the The Lima International Book Fair (FIL LIMA) in Peru. 

For this project, I crafted unique illustrations that celebrate body diversity, while conveying the message that "All bodies menstruate." Our goal is to inspire individuals to embrace their bodies and acquire the skills to navigate through their menstrual cycles.

Client: Hija de los Andes
Lima, Peru

Fiesta in the Square

︎ Branding & Identity Design
︎ Art Direction

The Bushwick Collective Block Party is an annual art event in Brooklyn, NYC. This area is noteable for its multi-cultural background and latino community. I was inspired to design the branding by the bright colours and funk that represent my culture. I worked on this project while attending Shillington Education in Melbourne.